Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Plot # 40

Last night was the orientation for new gardeners at the community garden at Heritage Farm. We reviewed the rules and got our plot assignment.  My plot is #40, it is the 4th from the top and 4th from the left side of a large garden area that contains 84 plots, each 20'x20'. Rather than each plot having a side that is an edge for access (as I assumed) the entire grid of plots has a 2' bark path that intersects all of the plots.

We learned many things during orientation. The garden is full-sun, mulching is good, the plots need to be tilled, and we can build raised beds (not this year if ever).  We are given a gate code to access our community garden which has Master Gardner plots to the east and Food Bank plots to the southwest. There are coyote in the area, last year was the first time they'd seen deer in the garden, and a mysterious elderly couple like to eat there.

It was good to finally see the garden. It was not good to see a lot of grass sitting on top. The soil is too wet to till now, so I've got time to figure out how and when we will start.

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