Saturday, March 17, 2012

Conceptual Garden Layout

In two days I'll have a garden plot assigned at the community garden just down the road. Earlier this week I realized I have a list of veggies, but no plan.

Here is  a conceptual plan that I drew up. Basically, what I want to go where and how much room I need for beds and pathways. This shows 2' wide paths, which may need to be wider. The perimeter beds are 3' deep and the two beds inside are 4' deep.

I'll be sharing the plot with my friend (H) and until we have a look at the actual plot we can't work out the details.  By Tuesday we can see the orientation of the plot and make changes to the plan. I still have to go through my list and see what's missing here. Some items will be planted in containers at home - like lettuce, cucumber, radish..

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