Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday the 13th is My Lucky Day

Today I went to  Monticello Antique Marketplace for the spring show. My sister and I spent about 3 hours there, we went up and down every aisle and then back tracked into the Salvage Garden for my one 'big' purchase, something I'd seen there last time and now had a use for. It involves an idea that I liked and had posted earlier, I'll share a photo once it's set up.

Almost 2 years ago I read The Revolutionary Yardscape, by Mathew Levesque. To put it simply, he takes junk that would have gone into landfills and has created some very creative landscape features. He stressed that the point of recycling or repurposing is to re-use, so never buy 'old junk'  (my words) that you don't have a use for. That hit home with me, and when I shop for antiques / junk I ask myself 'what will I use it for?'  I told my sister today that if I hadn't read that I'd probably be broke and have a huge mountain of stuff piled in the garage.

I also came home with several postcards advertising upcoming events:

Theses include opening of the Seasonal Cottage by the Rustic Girls, Junk Fest by Plucky Maidens, Wren's Nest Spring Fair, Faire de Rue, and Camas Vintage Street Fair by Roost Reimagined. I have never attended these and certainly can't go to all of them, but will aim to attend at least one, just to see something new.

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