Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Planting Tips

Today I met one of my mom's friends who has been gardening in this area for years.  I actually brought a list of questions for her and got some good tips. 

Garden weasel from Google images
I've got a plot at the 78th Street Heritage Farm, (see the Youtube video). I've been picturing what I'll do first when I get assigned my plot at orientation. Unfortunately, I picture myself staring at an empty piece of ground not sure as to what I should do or when.  While I can look around at other plots to see how they progress, I'd like to have an idea.

The Farm paper work said we are responsible for tilling. I had assumed it would be tilled to start with.  No apartment dweller is going to have a rototiller. My dad has one, I used it years ago, not fun. So I'll wait to hear more at the orientation. Hopefully it can be done with a garden weaselStill, I'm sure I'll be packing advil in my garden bag in the coming months.

Here are some tips from my mom's friend:

  • date she starts planting: a neighbor tills the soil for her, usually in May 
  • compost? no, but she uses a 16-16-16 fertilizer when she plants 
  • she gets corn seed from her son's nursery, the name of the seed is "Gotta have it"
  • she recommends "sweet meat" for winter squash
Their church senior group will tour her son's nursery this spring and they were nice enough to invite me.  I'll be going and hopefully I can get some photos along with my plants.

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