Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Luck of the Draw

Yesterday I stumbled across the announcement for a lottery for plots at the community garden just down the road.  It is a County owned tract of land that houses community garden space, a food bank, WSU Master Gardener program, and is an historical site itself.  Whenever I pass it I see green houses and a huge garden plot.  It looks like a farm in the middle of town.

Green beans from
This place is interesting to me and I had bookmarked their web page a while back and decided to see if there was anything new.  The lottery announcement popped up. (Turns out it was published in the local paper as well). 

Here are some of the reasons  listed to garden there:

~Never gardened before but want to learn in a supportive community place. [want to learn more]
~Pesticide-free community garden [yep]
~Year-round gardens [huh?]
~Free gardening classes specific to gardening in community gardens sponsored and taught by the Master Gardener Foundation. [sign me up]

How cool is that?  I've gardened before, but have a lot to learn.  I'd like to take a class or two even if I don't get a plot (but I really want one.)

Peas from

On March 1st the drawing will be held for 20x20' plots, so I submitted my name and now must wait 2 weeks to see if I get a plot.  20x20' doesn't sound big, but I measured our dining area and realized it's double that space.  If I get a plot, I have already decided to ask a friend if she would like to share the spot and the veggies.  One, because we can't eat all that and two, she knows more about plants than I do.

These photos are from the board I've started on Pinterest called Garden. To take a look go to the red Pinterest button at the bottom right.

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