Saturday, February 18, 2012

Saturday Night Sampler

I've been doing a lot of looking online for garden ideas.  I was originally focusing on my small yard and decks for container and vertical garden ideas.  Then the prospect of an actual garden plot in the community garden made me realize I should be thinking big garden ideas as well.

I like to use Google to search images and I also like using Pinterest to sort out various finds like trellis ideas or container planting.  Today I stumbled across a blog that had nothing but photos.  Not even captions, just tons of photos. So today I'm just going to toss in some of the great photos I've been seeing.  There is no topic, just pictures I've found recently and really love. 

Terra cotta from

Old trowel as handle from

Spider web twine from

Pink Peonies from

Lavendar basket from

Wisteria pergola from
Tea cup from

All photos shown here are on my Pinterest boards.  To take a look just click on the Pinterest button at the lower right.  I'm always interested in seeing new boards, if you'd like, leave a comment with your Pinterest name.

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