Tuesday, February 7, 2012

PVC Irrigation for Containers

I saw this today,  just after posting the water bottle irrigation idea. I've tried this before with some success and wanted to include this as an easy container watering idea.

From www.strawberry-recipes.com
This idea uses a pvc pipe, capped on one end, with holes drilled the length of the pipe.  When I tried this several years ago, I used two small section of drip irrigation hose that I had laying around. It was easier to puncture and I thought the water would distribute better.  

The problem with my version was that the pot sat directly under a Japanese Snowbell tree (Styrax japonica). The hoses would become plugged with petals or fruit, and it's not easy to remove anything at that point.

Looking at this image, I think I'd go this route and use one pipe, but I would cover the top with some screen.

I don't have any strawberry pots now, but this idea would be perfect for any tall, narrow flower or vegetable container.  

Seems that I now have two methods to try out this year.

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