Sunday, February 19, 2012

Flower Spinners

Yesterday I decided to go the nursery just to "look around".  I like to go to Yard 'N Garden Land here in Vancouver, WA.  It's closest to where I live, but they have a nice plant selection and a huge indoor retail area.  Plus two kitties who like to meet and greet.  

I looked at shepherd's hooks, one alternative for locating the bird feeder near the fence.  I liked the double hook so I could add a basket to it.  The tallest is a little short for our fence, it would work, the neighbors use one for their feeder, but the bird house is about 4' off the ground.  I'm going to look around and see if someone has a fence top attachment that works with our fence.

I toured the indoor shop, looking at everything from fertilizers, bird feeders, home accessories and seeds. I was on my way back out to the plant section when I saw these great metal flowers.  They have a copper with patina look and when I touched one it started to spin.  Turns out they are wind catchers as well.  I got two, when I got home I put them out back where I'd see them from the desk downstairs.  It was breezy out but they did not budge, they may get relocated to a deck container in spring so I can see them spin.

I guess it's the power of suggestion, because while looking through my Pinterest boards  I discovered that I'd pinned those flowers. Below is the photo I'd saved.  It's located on my "Products I Love" board.  I checked Plow and Hearth, but these flowers are no longer listed online.

Photo of "flower spinners" from Plow and Hearth

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