Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Penny for Your Thoughts

Today I didn't get anywhere with the planters for the upper deck. But, I did more looking online and added some photos to my Pinterest boards.  I'll share a photo of the idea I like most for the white vinyl fencing. Feel free to take a look at all the trellis ideas I've collected so far, by clicking the Pinterest button at the bottom of the page.

Headboard as trellis from
I like the idea of a stand alone metal piece, hopefully a salvage item. I can place it in front of the fence, the plant can twine it's way up the metal and the fence will be intact. (One reason I avoided Boston Ivy here). Something like this will last a lot longer than wood in this climate. Plus, when we move I can retrieve the 'trellis' and move it with us.

 While online, I also looked at a couple of blogs and had to chuckle at one woman who referred to herself as "opinionated".  You can include me in that category, although in terms of this blog being my online gardening journal / scrap book, probably not too much. That said I'd like to share my opinion on something I've seen in the media - a lot.

I've seen multiple references just this week to using Pinterest to further one's blog, website, business, etc. I discovered Pinterest over a year ago and slowly realized the amount of images and links to information that you could find there.  It can be addictive at times, but it's also an easier way for me to save an image and group it with others like it. Once I add it to a board I can e-mail it or share it on Facebook. I've found things there that I wouldn't have found on my own searching the web.

I rarely use my "bookmarklet" installed on my desktop, almost all the sites I go to now have a "pin" or "Pinterest" button. People have heard about it and they are trying to devise ways to manipulate it in order to serve their own purposes.  One article I read suggested that you pin a photo of your product and type the price so that it shows up in the gift section.  The idea is to let us pin things we love and share it on our boards, not for products to be snuck in by someone too cheap to advertise it.

People who follow this line of thinking will turn it into a minefield of advertisements and promos, just so that they can promote their "ad" for free.  When I first used Pinterest there were all sorts of delays and hiccups because of the quantity and size of the files people are saving there. That's not the case now, but I can't imagine how slow and cumbersome it will become when every business decides to be on Pinterest, because it's the latest craze. 

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