Thursday, February 2, 2012

Junky Trellis Material

Headboard found on
It's interesting that I am now looking at old headboards and gates as potential trellis material for my back yard. This photo is one of the first photos I pinned from my favorites file onto Pinterest.  I'd saved it the first time I'd been to the Funky Junk Interiors blog.  That blog is still one of my favorites because she can take a tin can and use it to make something attractive. Many of her pieces are functional too, which always appeals to me. 

I loved this image at the time, but didn't picture it in my own yard.  Now the idea of having a piece like this against the fence is very appealing. It would be decorative year round and serve as a trellis support during the growing season.  Of course I need to locate one that doesn't cost a fortune, which means more homework.  Any suggestions in the Portland, Oregon area?

Gate photo from
This next image I found on Pinterest and I have to say that this look is one that I love.  I like the color, the weathering, the curves and the grid pattern.  This would be beautiful anywhere, but I'm not sure it would work up against the white vinyl fence.  The only reason I question that is because I bought a white metal flower at the garden show last year, but when I got it home it disappeared against the fence.  It is strategically placed in front of a small evergreen now.

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