Saturday, February 4, 2012

My Yard Show Trophy

Since I mentioned my metal flower, I thought I should share a photo. Last year was my first spring here in the townhouse.  I decided to go to the Yard, Garden & Patio Show in Portland for ideas.  Lot's of interesting products and ideas there, but the one thing to consider when shopping for a small garden space is "where will I put this?".  
Metal flower by Kiger Creations

So I walked away with this one white flower.  There were actually several booths with great metal work designs.  I waited until just before leaving to decide what to buy. This flower stood out to me because of the mesh used at the center which looks great with the rusted petals.  As I said earlier, I brought it home only to discover that it completely disappeared  against the white vinyl fence.  I've got it standing in front of this potted evergreen for now, but it could use an evergreen backdrop.  One I hope to provide this year with vines and a couple more evergreens along the fence, as I continue to search for more vertical options.

Living in a townhouse I find new challenges in how to use limited space. How to become a little bit more choosy when I shop, and how to consider functionality of anything I want to add. Two small decks and a small back yard are easy to fill with a couple of chairs and a few potted plants. Now I'm thinking of using the space rather than filling it.

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