Monday, February 20, 2012

Time For a To-Do List

Today was a day off due to President's Day and someone special had a birthday.  We celebrated with him with lunch and a movie. Happy Birthday!

I could easily write about any number of things, but feel like it's time to get organized.  There are a few things I am working on or have not resolved, so it's time for a list:

  • I'm still reading Sugar Snaps and Strawberries, and feel like I'm picking up a lot of  basic info along with stuff that's more in depth. I have a better understanding of organic gardening.  
  • I still need to research window boxes and decide if I should buy the self-watering ones I really like or just go out and buy the regular ones and try out the water bottle watering system on those as well.
  • I have one more week until the drawing for the community garden plot.  I feel excited and totally unprepared.
  • I've also started thinking about my parent's yard and possibilities there.
  • I need to look at deck planters with trellis ideas and pick something for the upper deck

I like To-Do Lists, so this will help me to focus, next step is prioritize, but I think I'll wait for the garden lottery, that would make a big difference.

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