Sunday, January 29, 2012

What to plant on white vinyl fencing?

Today I took a good look at the lower deck and back yard. When I moved into the townhouse I boxed up a lot of bird feeders, houses, baths that I'd had at my previous house out in the woods.  This month I finally got around to hanging one feeder and hung up a house on a hook for now.  But that is making a mess all over the deck and occupying space I use for hanging planters.  Time to find a permanent place for the birds along the fence.

The back yard is surrounded by white vinyl fencing.  We added trellises a couple of years ago for evergreen clematis plants, both of which died.  Last summer I put a pot of green beans there and they did well, but it really needs something permanent growing up. The evergreen clematis was my "perfect" choice, an evergreen vine year round with white flowers in spring.  Today I looked at that white fence and white trellises and drew a complete blank. So I guess I need to tally up all the vertical spaces around here and start doing my homework.  I just know there is a simple solution that will look good in each of these spots.

Any suggestions for vertical planting? I'd prefer evergreen, but would like to hear from anyone who's had success with vines in this area. 

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