Thursday, August 7, 2014

Vertical Clay Pot Hangers

Clay pot hung on a screen with a Potlatch clip.  

This year I finally ordered a set of Potlatch plant hangers. I'd seen them on Pinterest a couple of years ago. Later I saw some similar clips at Back Alley Gardens in Gearhart, OR.

They had mounted the clips on old windows, an idea I liked, but didn't want to try to hang on our siding. Well, 2 years ago Chris built a deck screen and installed it next to a low wall that divides our deck from our neighbors. It finally occurred to me that the screen was perfect for mounting the clips and the location would allow for some flowers to be visible through that window. 

I ordered the Potlatch clips by finding the pin I'd saved and got this link. I got a pack of 3 for over $10. Chris installed them and I then potted some annuals and hung them on the screen.

The clip is visible on the center pot.

The clips just screw in and you place the pot under the clip, which holds onto the lip around the top. Various sizes of pots can  be used (if you remember to leave room for them). It was all so easy, too easy it seems.

Shortly after installing the clips, we had a huge rain storm, one our puny townhouse gutters could not contain. The pots were located at the bottom of a large waterfall of rain water, along with 2 flats of new plants that I'd moved there for "protection".

Then after repotting, it actually happened again. That time I stood inside and took a video of my plants getting pummeled. Morale of this story is location. We rarely have such heavy rains here (generally it just rains all the time, rather than all at once). But this has happened before, despite gutter repairs it will probably happen again. So, I need to reconsider where those clips will be placed next year. Maybe on the wood post downstairs, hopefully it should be as easy to move the clips as it was to install.

All in all they look really good from
inside through the window or sitting at the table.

I've had to repot them a few times, one plant died and I changed my mind about the white lobelia (I love blue). Next time I'll look for something more trailing, but the Million Bells were a good start and I love the Black-eyed Susan vine slowly winding it's way around the trellis.

Gratitude is my word for 2014

Today I'm thankful for:
warm, sunny weather - as it usually is this time of year here
continuous work, spending money
my crazy pets 
wedding decorations as an excuse to visit vintage shops
long term friendship that is more special with distance
wedding jitters - means it matters

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