Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Welcome Hummers

Introducing my new 'vintage' humming bird feeder. This was a gift from my cat for Valentine's Day. She's met a couple hummers, even had them hover above her out on the deck.  I saw these feeders on Funky Junk Interior's blog, and did not point them out to anyone. Cat must be psychic...

Chris used pvc pipe and a railing post to install a hook for the feeder on our upper deck. It is hanging next to the planter that attracts humming birds to our deck. It is also visible from inside the house. Haven't seen any birds yet, could be the constant rain has something to do with that.

Finally, an outdoor activity. As we get closer to spring there is more to do, just planning and prepping. Last night I purchased two new coconut liners for the deck railing. Also bought a bag of potting soil to go with the enormous bag of compost still in the garage from last fall. 

I will admit that I don't have a plan yet for growing this year. The railing planters still have fir branches and pine cones from the holidays. I told myself they'd be gone by March, and I'm on track to replace them with some cool weather plants like lettuce, kale and some flowers, maybe pansies. 

I've got a lot of container ideas I want to try, but have not planned what goes where yet, but I've got time. Last frost prediction for my area is April 15th. I do know that I'm going to use all the planters I've got upstairs on the deck (sun). I also have at least 4 hanging planters that can go on the downstairs deck. One planter there will have the bush beans I mentioned here.

My goal this year is to plan succession plantings. Last year I did not think this out and my planters looked pretty sad by the end of each season. I was also growing veggies at the community garden, so I made that my priority. This year the containers are the focus. I'd like to have a nice mix of flowers and veggies in each container from spring through fall.

My word for the year is Gratitude

Today I'm grateful for:
my 'new' desk top speakers
listening to my favorite music on Pandora
 another new job at work
wearing my water proof coat in today's downpour(s)
making our down payment on our wedding venue

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