Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Count Down is Ending

As  I write this, there are 1 1/2 days until Spring. If you are reading this tomorrow morning there is just 1 more day until Spring. We made it. I won't be overly dramatic since I know that Winter was harsh to much of the country, while we reveled in a week of "real snow" here in the Northwest.

Last weekend was the opening of our Farmer's Market here in Vancouver, WA. I didn't go, but Chris did and he brought back a gorgeous bouquet. Lots of pretty daffodils, since mine are done blooming this is perfect timing.

Another burst of Spring was found at my favorite (non-Starbucks) coffee house. I really like the simplicity of this container and the lime green with the purples is attractive. The shrub seems to have survived the harsh winter with only a few scars.

I took the pictures to show my mom. She loves purple and I think these pansies might spark a shopping trip to the nursery.

So, no pictures from my deck. Today I finally cleaned out the railing planters. Tossed the evergreen boughs and saved a bucket of pine cones for container filler. Dead-headed some Primrose and checked out my dead herbs. That was the extent of 'yard work' today. 

I'm holding myself back a bit. In the past I've gone a little crazy shopping at nursery's. Right now I can plant lettuce and a few flowers in the railing planter. I've had Sweet Peas on a list for a week or so.  But, for now, that's it. 

Still planning for veggies. Need to find my planting calendar and plug in a few dates in my calendar. I still consider myself a novice gardener and don't know intuitively when to plant what. Just glanced at the vegetable calendar from Portland Nursery, and kale and lettuce are the only ones on the list that I'd plant in March. My kale from last fall is finally taking off and lettuce is on my list. I'm right on track.

Gratitude is my word of the year.

Today I am grateful for:
sun streaming in my open window
a man who buys me surprise bouquets, even though I'm difficult
more jobs, planting plans, drafting work, stuff I'm good at
family friends who understand
our new wheels
the possibility of a new addition to our family (furry with paws)

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