Thursday, February 13, 2014

Winter Blooms

"Looks like we made it" I've had Barry Manilow on the brain.

My last post was written after 4 days of snow cover. I mentioned that I didn't expect to see the flowers I'd just planted, but I was wrong. When the snow finally melted off the deck there they were - Primroses and English daisies looking no worse for wear. The only casualty was the Clover plant, too delicate for the cold temperatures that came before the snow.

I see Tulips

I liked using empty pots for the bulbs.
They'll be free again by Spring.

I planted bulbs with my mom last fall. She had several pretty glazed pots that were empty. After we potted her bulbs I came home and potted mine in several empty containers.

Today I went downstairs to bring up the crocus pots that look ready to bloom. I've got all my bulbs grouped in an area of the deck that isn't completely covered. They get rain water, but are more protected there. I decided to go take a look a week ago and all the Crocus were 'sprouting'. Not sure about the Ranunculus, they started growing in the warm weather last fall.

We'd used clothes pins to mark our pots, now they aren't necessary with the Crocus. I also planted Anemone, Ranunculus, and Tulips.

I like them grouped next to the Primrose pot. I can see them from inside the house and although I'd prefer to plant them in the yard, I'd never see them from the house and I can enjoy them this way. I'm starting to catch on to the ease of rotating out seasonal plants in pots.

My word for the year is Gratitude.

Today I am grateful for:
a friend asking about the next blog post
 new simple recipes
old photos shared by relatives
a surprise potted orchid
a Valentine's Day lunch date

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