Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Salvage Garden Art

One of my gardening obsessions is the use of "vintage" (aka junk) pieces in the landscape. Most of the time it involves the use of some item in a new way. I am drawn to ideas where the original use is discarded completely for a new use involving the form or material.

I have a board on my Pinterest page called Salvage Garden. I borrowed the term from Monticello Antique Marketplace. They have a huge room dedicated to old garden furnishings. My board is the place I store every image and idea I can find. It is one of my most popular boards with 350+ followers.

I spotted this piece recently in Portland, OR. I'm guessing that it is custom made, with a few metal pieces welded together. The thing is, I don't particularly like the way it looks, but I do like the quirkiness as garden art, while it also functions as a planter.

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My word for the year is Gratitude

Today I am grateful for:
our Crockpot
The Blue Carrot on Facebook
memes and video reminders about what's important
work - a new landscape plan

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