Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Amaryllis Amateur

This year is the first year I tried growing an Amaryllis bulb. Instead of Christmas red I chose, "Apple Blossom" and it is a pretty pink and white flower with huge petals. I was surprised at how much it resembles a lily.

The kit came with a huge bulb, coir (coconut husk), and a black plastic container. I decided to use the plastic container and water from the roots up in a bowl. Although the kit provided ideas of ways to decorate the container, I never did. At one point the plant was leaning to the side and the plastic pot tipped over. I tried to set it inside a ceramic dish, but didn't have one big enough.

The stem went from curving at an angle (away from the window) to straight up again as it bloomed. I had just watered it and thought that may be what it needed.

After it fell over I used a speaker to prop it up. That's the position it's remained in, until this morning. I came downstairs to find it upright with the petals against the wall.  (I had not watered it, thus my earlier theory proved wrong).

I've looked for information online and haven't found anything specific to the tilting my flower is prone to. I saw that very little water was required at first and I had soaked mine. It also sits next to a heat vent and we've had extreme cold outside. I honestly have no idea why it's bending and tilting. Anyone out there who knows, please me leave a comment.

Regardless, my first Amaryllis has been fun to grow and the flower itself is beautiful.

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