Monday, November 25, 2013

Making the Seasonal Transition

We've been given a reprieve here in the Pacific Northwest. Sun and lots of it. Of course the sun came with below freezing temperatures at night. That was an abrupt change from the warmer than usual weather we had through October. Since I was recently moaning and groaning about the change in weather and the loss of daylight, I have to say, this weather is awesome.

Before the freezing temps I'd already moved my garden pots up next to the house. They have all done well in the lower 20's several nights in a row. But, I have my homemade cloches ready if they appear to need protection.

Lettuce and fall greens on the deck

I like the colorful radicchio leaves. The pot to the right show tell tale kitty bites.

We've finished most of our winter prep work. I still need to clean out the railing planters, and I have an idea for how I'd like to use them. I may share that later. Now we are getting ready for a whole lot of family here for Thanksgiving.

Getting ready for Thanksgiving at our house includes Spiced Pumpkin Yankee Candle. It's a favorite, actually the only one I buy. I've been doing more dusting than decorating, but I've seen a couple of ideas online that look simple and fun. No promises, but I'd like to try carving out a pumpkin for a floral arrangement. I don't do a lot of cooking, so this could be part of my contribution. 

My favorite Yankee Candle, Spiced Pumpkin with my minis from the garden.

The very last of our garden onions, and there were a lot.

Speaking of cooking, I finally used all of the garden onions, Walla Walla and a yellow variety. When the people I kept giving them to said 'no more', it was up to us. I think I added them to every crock pot and casserole I've made in the last two months. 

My first Amaryllis

Growing an Amaryllis is not a tradition for me or my family, although I spotted one at my parent's. I've worked in florist shops and never once thought about growing one, until this year. This one is 'Apple Blossom' and you can see a bud already.  This is something for me to focus on indoors and it seems to change daily.

These are all things that come with the change in season. Getting ready for winter is not as exciting as preparing for spring. But, I tend to forget that moving towards the holidays includes both the traditional elements and novelty of something new each year.

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