Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Fall Veggies Are In (Containers)

I've spent time avoiding even thinking about fall veggies this year, and will admit that I started planting pretty late. Most of the avoidance had to do with the community garden and not wanting to put a lot of time and money into planting there. When I finally decided I was done with the garden I focused on the place it would be most convenient to plant - my deck.

Recently, I posted about how my lack of planning left some of my containers half empty. I decided to fill in the those empty spots with my fall veggies rather than try to replant everything. I went to the nursery and bought kale, spinach, lettuce and radicchio. I also bought another bag of compost to work into the existing soil.

In one small spot of my raised bed planter (on the right) I added a mix of each veggie. I also added a a variegated Heuchera to go with a grass I planted last year.

I then filled in the railing planters which still have chard from spring. I planted lettuce and spinach in those planters and got them back up on the railing.

I planted what was left in two clay pots that were sitting there empty. 

Without much planning at all, I now have fall veggies planted here at home where I can get to them easily.  Most are in containers that I can move up against the house as it gets colder, closer to first frost.  In my raised bed I now have the type of planter I keep striving for: a mix of perennials, annual flowers and veggies. Still working on an evergreen element for winter.

This all could have happened a month ago, but I was struggling with how I "should" use the garden plot I paid for, versus how I really wanted to do fall veggies. Despite that I'm looking forward to fresh lettuce and greens. The radicchio is new to me, we'll see how it does here.

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