Friday, June 21, 2013

New Page - Container Gardening at Home

I've added a new tab (new page) to my blog. After adding this year's page on the community garden I realized that I just wasn't showing all I'd done with container gardening. Since moving into the townhouse I've had to adjust to a different way of gardening. I went from 5 acres I couldn't garden due to critters to a 5' wide back yard and a couple of decks. 

I created a new page that shows what I've tried in the last couple of years in order to garden in containers and try to maintain enough space for us to move around.

The tabs are located under the header with the daisy photo at the top of the page. Just click on one of the tabs and it will take you to that page. The new page is called "Container Gardening at Home". I've included examples of railing planters, hanging baskets, and a raised planter. This is an ongoing experiment and I will continue to add to the page as I go.

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