Sunday, June 23, 2013

Grow Write Guild #7: Deep Red Geranium

Grow Write Guild

I chose the red zonal geranium, "Calliope". So far this year it is the plant that I've paid the most attention to, it catches my eye when I walk past the windows. It is a flower that certainly is not 'me'. I've spent years fascinated with blue flowers, and continue to love them. But, in the last few years I'm drifting toward warmer colors. I selected these plants because I'd already bought bright yellow and deep blue for the planters. This just made sense to me.

Their color is a very rich, dark red. I don't think the picture captures that, maybe all the cloud cover had something to do with it. Taking this photo made me realize just how green the background is right now. These flowers really pop. But, when I'm on the deck I don't see it, I tend to see each plant individually. 

Geranium flowers don't really have a smell, but the leaves (which are pretty on their own) have a pungent smell when you touch them or pinch them off. 

I know I've tried geraniums here in this planter before, but didn't care for the color or trailing habit of that variety. Buying these is almost a luxury. There are certainly cheaper annuals to buy. But, for me it is the memory from a few years ago of potting 3-4 red geraniums on my porch and watching a deer come up at sunset and eat the bloom off each one. 

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