Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Flickr Now Has More Space Than I Can Fill

Find this photo in my new Flickr album "Flowers"

Flickr has made a few changes recently, which I imagine were inspired by Instagram and other popular photo sites. I previously had space for only 200 photos (in the free category). So I would occasionally go through my albums and delete older photos to make room for new ones.

I got an email the other day saying they now give people a terabyte of space. I had no idea how much that was, so I went looking through my Flickr menus and found that my 181 photos took up .01% (point 01) of the new space. I looked it up on Wikipedia that's 1000 gigabytes.

I've just recently started adding photos from All-Purpose Flower to Flickr. Now that I have that much space I'm going to start using Flickr to create more albums of specific topics like flowers, vegetables, fences, maybe even my cat.

I have a Flickr frame on the right of my web page showing a sample of photos. It is also a link to my page, so go check it out. As I add albums I will try to mention it in my blog as well. If you are on Flickr then let me know, I would like to see your pages too.

Here's a link to my page:

Only 6 more days for my friend's book publishing campaign. Any money you contribute gets you a copy of the book or prints, it's not a donation. The book would make a great gift for a child or anyone who loves their pets.

SARK would say "look for miraculous people"...


  1. that's a ton of space....i had no idea they had done that and had personally kind of fallen off the flickr bandwagon. now i think i'll check it out again :)

    1. I was surprised, hadn't heard they planned that additional space. I could probably store every photo I've taken there now.