Friday, June 14, 2013

Community Gardening at Heritage Farm

The violets seeded themselves

I'm finally posting some photos of my plot (#40) at the community gardens. Our gardens are located at the 78th Street Heritage Farm in Vancouver, WA. It's a 70+ acre site owned by Clark County that hosts WSU Clark County Extension office, WSU Master Gardener Foundation, Clark County Food Bank gardens, and more.

Here it is, the middle of June and I've just finished planting. Right after taking these photos it started raining for several days. It will probably be after the 4th of July when I will have to get used to doing my own watering. 

This photo shows my portion of the plot I share with a friend. We've planted corn and onions, tomatoes and squash, and potatoes and green beans.

We replaced bush beans with pole beans at the base of the teepees. All I can say is they are both Blue Lake, a mistake I've made twice now. Potatoes are in the back. A faucet is shared by 4 plots. I considered using soaker hoses this year, but there's no guarantee your hose will stay attached, especially with all the plots sold.

 The potatoes are growing fast and look healthy. I planted Russet and Yukon gold, but don't remember which hill is which. My carrots started from seed are on each side of the potatoes. Not sure if that location is a good one, hopefully we will dig up both at  the same time.

Our first zucchini can be seen above. I can't wait for all the plants to take off.

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