Sunday, April 14, 2013

My Rediscovery of the Southwestern Landscape

Last  week I was in San Diego for a memorial service. My mom's immediate family grew up there and most still live in the surrounding area. I lived there too, as a toddler, then later at age 5 before we moved to Washington state.

Because we had family there, we visited on a regular basis. I always loved the smell there, but don't recall being interested in the plant life. My grandma had palm trees and a gorgeous bouganvilla and the ice plant along the freeway always drew my attention. But, I have always preferred the lush green landscape of the Pacific Northwest.

Yet, since our trip to Santa Fe last fall I am becoming more interested in these arid landscapes.

 The plants are more dramatic in both form and color than what you might see here in the Northwest. Plus they are not completely dependent on water.

In addition to the colorful plant life there is always the draw of the (warm, sunny) ocean.

Click on any photo to enlarge,
enlarge this one and see the pelicans more closely.

On our last two trips there I've gained two new favorite places to visit that have nothing to do with my childhood. One is a stretch of beach with a handful of people and the occasional pelican. The other is a cliff overlooking tidal pools and quite a few pelicans. These are natural places that Chris and I have explored and I'm grateful for the new memories.

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