Sunday, March 24, 2013


In celebration of the arrival of Daylight Savings Time I received flowers. Not cut flowers but plants, one red anemone and one yellow ranunculus. I've tried to take some photos, but just wasn't thrilled with them. The anemone  looks like a large spider is sitting in the center. It is striking, even from indoors. I wanted a close up.

This morning I decided to try another photo since it was cloudy. When I went out on the deck I discovered that this flower curls it's inner petals when it's cold. It looked more like a tulip.

Here is the photo I took this morning:

Here is the photo I took yesterday afternoon:

I thought that was interesting. If anyone knows the horticultural term for the "spider" in the middle let me know in the comments. I did actually look it up on Google first. I'm not sure I've ever had an anemone before, but the color of this one bloom really perks up the back deck.


  1. Oh, gorgeous! (Insert old "with friends like these, who needs anemones" joke here...)

    So jealous of your weather...we're just barely reaching temps above 0 celcius (32F) here in Toronto. Yesterday reached 7C and I thought I was in heaven. Can't wait to start working the ground!

  2. Michelle, I have to admit I've never heard that joke, but I love it. The coldest I've ever experienced is 24 degrees F. I really prefer the sun and getting outside again.