Friday, February 1, 2013

Winter Meal

Winter Meal by Jan Tik
Winter Meal, a photo by Jan Tik on Flickr.
An excellent example of a plant becoming a winter feature.
This is my first Creative Commons photo & a blog post directly from Flickr!

Via Flickr:
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Thanks for all the kind words in your emails and below. Here are some outstanding derivative works this picture has generated:

Winter Meal by linedugal
Winter Snack by Chrys H
Home on the Range by lunamom58
Christmas Morning by ihave3kids

It also appeared in the Huffington Post on 11-10-09

UPDATE 12/7/2010: Please note that this photo is licensed to ANYONE under an "Attribution Creative Commons" license. You can therefore use this image for whatever purpose you want without having to obtain more permission from me. All you have to do is to credit me (mention my name) and to link back to the original here on Flickr.

Merry Christmas!!!

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