Sunday, February 10, 2013

Nature Hike In Your Own Backyard

Recently, a friend of mine moved (again) . Last year she moved from Washington State to Florida. Last month she moved into a new house and new neighborhood, still in Florida. She has been sending me photos taken from her iphone as she explores her new neighborhood with her dog, Berry.

I thought I'd share them since it's interesting to see new plants and a different environment. All photos were taken by her.

It started with these pods, she sent me a photo thinking I'd like them ( I think they look like Hostess donuts, so of course I like them). I asked what they were, what plant they came from.
(not sure what the incandescent background is here)

~Click on images to view full screen~

She then sent these photos, the tree has no leaves but lots of pods

This is the tree the pods came from, neither of us know what it is
(feel free to leave a comment if you know it)

She found mistletoe

She informed me that this is Tillandsia growing on a tree.
 Just after looking at this I saw it again in the Gardenista blog.
(yes that's a cemetery)

Finally, some Spanish moss. I really love this and have never seen it growing.
My friend informed me that it is another form 
of Tillandsia (she is the brainy one).

I really enjoyed getting these photos. I feel like I got to explore her new neighborhood with her. It would be great if we could go out and 'explore' our own neighborhoods just by looking up. If you decide to do it, send me some photos at:

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