Friday, February 8, 2013

Friday Favorites

During the week I come across a lot of things that I like, some of them garden related and some of them not. This week I saw a video and shared it on Facebook. A few weeks ago I saw a brilliant idea on Pinterest and added it to one of my boards. But, it would be nice to share these things in one place - here on the blog.

So I'm going to give this idea a try, I'm calling it: Friday Favorites.
On Fridays I can toss out these links and ideas for anyone who wants to follow them. You've got all weekend to take a look.

I'm starting today Feb. 8th because I had this idea and wanted to scrap it almost immediately. It's corny and can be "off topic" which in my opinion can lead to a blogger's downward spiral. But, Feb. 8th is the birthday of a friend who I believe would want me to stop being so cautious and start having more fun here. So let's give it a shot. 

Friday Favorites 

This YouTube video from Portlandia was the best laugh
 I had all week via The Sassy Gardener :

One of the coolest ideas I've seen lately Parkmobiles:
using dumpsters to create urban planters
(the links are from my Pinterest board, click on the image to go to the article)


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