Thursday, January 17, 2013

Updated Winter Planter

After a doctor appointment I always want a treat, so this morning I stopped at Yard N Garden Land nursery to see what they had. It was close to freezing and I wasn't dressed for the outdoors, so I decided I'd look until I was too cold. (Is it ever too cold to shop?)

Guard Cat on Duty

Luckily, I found the pansies and primroses immediately and made my way inside to their indoor retail area. At the cash register I discovered one smart kitty cozied up in a pile of cardboard trays.

I went in the nursery looking for something to replace the fall planting in my hanging baskets on the upper deck. They looked sad, despite the fact that we decided to leave the Christmas garland up for "a few more days".

All I did was pull out a couple of old plants and pop in the new ones. They could use some moss to keep warm. Unfortunately, I used what I had on a wreath at Thanksgiving. I'll try to get some tomorrow, it helps insulate the roots and I like the way it looks.

What a difference three plants can make. The tag on the pansies said they were the "Lilac Series".  They are a very pretty color for winter and look good against the white railing.

Better than a lollipop

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