Thursday, January 24, 2013

Not Just Any Bakery

Bleu Door.  After an early submittal at the Clark County office this morning, Chris & I decided to stop at Starbucks on Main Street. They happen to be located directly across the street from the Bleu Door Bakery.  It is one of the few local bakeries that make good gluten free items as well. After we got our coffee we went to see what goodies they might have. 

Aside from breads and pastries (lots and lots) they have a menu of sandwiches so we decided to get two for lunch later. We both got the "Roasted Veggie" (from their menu: roasted garlic artichoke spread with English cucumber, red pepper, thinly sliced red onion and roasted veggies on our deli bread.) His was on sliced bread and mine was made on a Gluten Free Asiago Pesto Focaccia. I can tell you mine was delicious and I loved the garlic artichoke spread with the veggies.

I make note here of gluten free recipes that I like from time to time, so I thought I'd share this place. (I was not paid to sponsor them, good gluten free breads are worth talking about).

They are unique here in that it is an open air counter with a few covered seats with patio heat, no indoor seating. Check them out when you are in downtown Vancouver. They are not open all week and only morning to early afternoon, you can click on the link below for more info.

Bleu Door Bakery, 2413 Main St., Vancouver, WA 98660

(Laura we must go here sometime.)

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