Friday, December 21, 2012

We Made It to Winter

Happy Winter Solstice, let the lighter days begin. Probably the most exciting first day of winter in years. (Sorry to anyone who was waiting for the world to end.)

Tomorrow our crazy family festivities will begin. I've noticed a lot of my favorite bloggers signing off for the year. I don't believe that I could post or share photos of anything that would be more interesting than time spent with our friends and families over the next week. 

January will be the 1st anniversary of All-Purpose Flower and I plan to resume my posts after the new year.

Creating this blog has been fun. It's a learning process, one that continues. I'm still trying to define what I want this blog to be for me and anyone who reads it. This summer it became my community garden chronicle. This month more of a holiday journal. I try to keep it comfortably me. 

I of course, wanted to share just about everything I found on Pinterest, until I started to read about photo copyright issues and lawsuits. I still pin like crazy on my Pinterest boards - click on the red button on the right sidebar. But, I won't post any photos I find on the web, for now just my own (dorky photos like the one above).

At the end of my first year I've had about 6,000 page views and 60 comments. It's ironic that the one thing I'm really bad at when I visit blogs (commenting) is the one thing I'd really like to see more of here. I look at a lot of blogs, the term is a "lurker", someone who never says "hi" or comments on posts. When I do comment, I feel awkward or question how they might take my words. So I invite you to comment more often and feel free to share your thoughts on a post or offer your ideas. They are all welcome.

Wishing everyone Happy Holidays, see you next year! 

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