Sunday, November 18, 2012

Some Changes and a Few More of My Favorites

I have been slowly making changes and adding items to All-Purpose Flower, so I thought I would point them out to you. Nothing dramatic, but hopefully they help make it easier to navigate the page and add items of interest.

At the end of each post there are now 3 previous posts listed under the title, "You Might Also Like..." Click on a thumbnail view and it will take you that post. 

Along the sidebar on the right:

I've condensed the Archive list, so to find a post just click on the drop down menu under "Blog Archive" or use the search box below it, under "Search this blog". 

My Google Friends Connect button, is now located under "Followers". Anyone with a Gmail address can sign up to follow the blog through Google.

More importantly I've been adding websites and blogs to my list at the bottom of the page. (If you get this blog by e-mail, click on the link that takes you to the web page.)

When I first started looking at garden blogs I was put off by massive lists of 'favorite' bloggers or websites. I continue to feel overwhelmed when I find a site I like and hope to find others like them, only to see a list of blogs that are never-ending.

The websites, blogs, and books I list on this page, are the ones I consider to be the best and most interesting, even if you are not into gardening. And they may change.

Check one out at random. No blog post that day? Scroll down to the end of the page and click on a link. I like a lot of sites and blogs, if you're curious about all the sites I follow click on the "About Me" link which takes you to my profile.

Here are some that I've added. 

Rhone Street Gardens is the site of Scott Weber, a Portlander with amazing landscape photos
Urban Organic Gardener is the website of Mike Lieberman, who offers great advice on container gardening in small spaces.
Gardenista looks like a great place to find gardening gifts, posts, and ideas.
The Small Garden they are designers of small outdoor spaces in Australia

I've also added a non-garden blog to my list of favorites.
The Gluten-Free Goddess has a lot of great recipes, I've tried a couple and she offers some helpful tips that have kept me from giving up on gluten free baked goods.

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