Saturday, November 24, 2012

A Repurposed Wreath

This is the wreath hanging on our door this fall. A month ago it was a basket arrangement that I'd made several years ago. When I moved  2 years ago my parents acquired a lot of my stuff like that. Stuff that was decorative, fragile, stuff I didn't know what to do with. This fall I took the basket home thinking I'd throw it all away. 

In the 90's I made a lot of crafts, particularly dried floral arrangements. Wreaths, baskets, etc. I shared a booth with a friend at the crafter's mall, but we didn't sell much. Not that our things weren't any good, there just wasn't a lot of interest in it then. We were ahead of our time, before the current DIY phenomenon. The basket of dried fall grasses and twigs was most likely put together with left-overs from the craft booth.

So when I went to pull the basket apart I looked at it and thought, I could recycle this and make a wreath. We have no room for baskets, but the front door was empty and my neighbors have some great looking wreaths through the year.

One of my interests is reuse, and with money being tight I find myself looking around at what I've got and finding ways to use things differently. This wreath is a good example, probably because I think it looks better now than it did as a basket.

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  1. Your wreath looks like something I could use for my front door, except in larger scale. H.