Sunday, October 14, 2012

Fall Harvest

Sweet meat squash

Previously, I shared some photos of gorgeous fall flowers. They were grown by "K" a friend of my mom's who lives out in the country. We visited her last week on one of the last sunny fall days here before the rain returned. Her vegetable garden included corn, squash, tomatoes along with the flowers. The garden is at the edge of a small orchard sporting a huge beehive in one of the trees. I tried to get close enough for a picture, but I could see bees moving around it.

While I was taking those pictures I came across some squash that were just as pretty, but in their own way. Above is a Sweet Meat, a pretty aqua colored "pumpkin".  K said that they are one of the best tasting winter squash, I haven't tried them myself. They are so pretty I might add them to my garden list for next year.

Sweet meat and another squash, if you know the name feel free to leave a comment.

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