Saturday, July 28, 2012

The First Red Tomato

This morning I went to the garden to check if it needed water and ended up staying for about 2 hours. Saturday morning and the entire time I was there only one other person or two.  

First I grabbed the shovel and dug some new trenches around my plants. The plants are getting bigger and the soil is drier so I'm seeing some runoff after watering.  While digging larger trenches around my tomato plants I spotted it - the first red tomato! One of the Early Girl tomatoes is turning.

I have 2 other tomato plants at the garden: a Stupice and a Black Krim, both recommended by a friend of my mom's. All plants now have green tomatoes, including the Red Pear here at home in the container. I foresee a glut of tomatoes, but after eating some yucky store bought ones, I'm ready.

I then found a surprise. The crookneck squash plant that was practically dead, has a new little squash growing.

Tiny crookneck squash (center)

As I was getting ready to leave I noticed that the potato plants have buds.  We planted these late, as a filler for a left over spot in the garden. They are growing rapidly and now about to flower. I'm looking forward to the potatoes, it will be fun digging down to find them.

Potato leaves, lady bug to the left, buds to the upper right

P.S. After spraying the Black Krim tomato plant with (Shaklee)  bio-degradable soap, then rinsing the leaves just one time, I noticed that the plant looked a lot better today. Some leaves are still curled, but overall the plant was looking normal again. Will try to spray it again this week. No idea what is eating the potato leaves.

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