Sunday, July 22, 2012

First Zucchini Recipe

Today I tried a new recipe from my Simply Sugar & Gluten Free cookbook by Amy Green. It is called Zucchini and Brown Rice Gratin. I won't share the recipe (copyright), but you can see if she has it on her website or go buy a copy of her cookbook. I just looked at Amazon and it is now selling for $10, and well worth it.

I thought I had a photo of the zucchini being prepared, but like many of my indoor photos lately, out of focus. Despite that, anyone who knows me understands that I dread cooking and really don't like to experiment with recipes. But, this was a success in two ways.

One, Amy offers some advice on cooking rice (which has been a problem for me in the past) and making enough to freeze for later. Today I made enough for this dish and now have 2 cups in the freezer for any meal. 

Second, the Gratin turned out really well. Even more of a success considering that I swapped So Delicious Coconut Creamer for the cream that was called for in the recipe. The rice was fluffy, not runny. I gave up milk long before giving up wheat, and have tried a few alternatives with less than desirable results. (So I can thank my sister for introducing me to this creamer a few months ago.)

I recommend checking out the SS&GF website. Amy has a lot of info and recipes there that you can try for free. She also just started a newsletter called SS & GF Kitchen Talk. You can subscribe to it by going to this link:

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