Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Few Distractions While Watering

I was hesitant to post more photos from the community garden at Heritage Farm. But I spent months waiting in the gray, wet winter months for this. I enjoy my garden plot, but lately I enjoy looking at the others and seeing what works. 

Monday I was there watering and one plant caught my eye, so I went over and took a few photos. 

I'm guessing this is dill, very pretty

The scarlet runner beans that I covet

Coming back from my photo shoot, I was looking at our neighbors plot, which gave me an idea for what I'd like to do next year. They have split their plot in half north to south, but each half has rows running east to west.  This way the water runs along a planted row, not down hill. By splitting the plot in two my partner and I could do something completely different on each side. Some ideas for later.

Neighbor's plot, my plot is behind it with rows running north south.

Back to my garden. Everything is growing well, and I have to think that the "moo-poo" tea is responsible for most of it. Even the beans which looked half dead have come back to life. Only the peppers appear to be stunted from lack of sun. I might try them on our back deck next year with tomatoes.

Early Girl tomatoes

Yukon Gold potatoes, planted late but growing quickly

As I was watering I saw a truck drive up and a man start digging post holes. In the back of his truck was a new sign. I snapped a photo as I was leaving. 

New sign at Heritage Farm

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