Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Middle of May

This morning was the first time this year that I went downstairs and watered the backyard.  It's been warm here for the last few days and while I've been watering container plants, I decided the shrubs and perennials could use a drink. Today is the middle of May. Just a few months ago the only thing I could do was plan, read and make lists for the garden. From this point until the end of August time will fly by.

The trellis behind a grouping of evergreen and flowering shrubs and trees.

I've spent most of my time thinking about the community garden and my container plants on both decks. While watering this morning I had to admit that there's not a lot of room to add anything to our dinky back yard. I am pleased with the mix of evergreen trees and shrubs with flowering shrubs and perennials. In the photo above is the Mexican Orange we got last year. 

The only way to go is up. My plans for the trellis planting have changed.  Originally, I wanted clematis there, but I was running out of time to get one planted and have it bloom this year. While at the store about a week ago I found a small container with climbing hydrangea. I've been looking at this plant since last summer and thought this would look great on the trellis. But when I got it home I started to reconsider it's size and  how big the plant would become.

So the trellis stands empty, maybe just morning glory seeds for now.  I have 2 spots to consider for the hydrangea, one either against the white vinyl fence or up and across the railing of the lower deck. Either spot will fill in some vertical planting space.

The middle of May also means that today is my sister's birthday, 
so I have to wish her a "Happy 50th!"

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