Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Transplant or Make the Most of It?

Lilly of the Valley

Yesterday when I was in the back yard, I noticed these plants coming up and just shook my head. These are Lilly of the Valley plants that I transplanted from my mom's yard.  She got starts from her neighbor who had a very nice garden, even along the side of her house, where these plants grew among stepping stones.She 
passed away and the new neighbors have added an addition and paved over that side yard.

So here I have the most dainty of flowers growing in my back yard in the one 'ugly spot'. I planted them there before I moved here and we've since added fencing to keep the dog out from under the porch.  (She of course wants nothing to do with that tiny yard with no lawn.) 

They are actually growing in front of the gate portion of the fence. My first thought was to move them.  But after mentioning the 'ugly spot', I'm thinking maybe that spot could use some help. The gate could be adjusted and the fencing could be used for a climbing annual or maybe a tall fern to go with them. Something to think about it...

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