Sunday, April 1, 2012

April Rules

I've got notes from the community garden orientation and think this is the best place for them. Plus, my friend who'll be sharing the garden can read them while she drives up and down I-5.

We had several forms and rules mailed to us after the lottery.  At the orientation the garden manager added some more rules and a few planting tips during Q&A.


  • The community garden shares space with gardens for a food bank, master gardener, and juvenile programs.  We were told not to roam outside our garden space. Wednesday and Saturdays are work parties (good luck finding parking then).
  • The Washington State Extension office has just moved into the main building. We are not to park in reserved spaces, visitor only. We are also not to use the restrooms in the building, but an outhouse (no can do).
  • All gardens are accessed through a gate, we have a code to use for the small gate, last out make sure it's locked.
  • Since there isn't any real vehicular access, wagons and wheelbarrow will be available.
  • No dogs or any pets in garden area.
  • Garden plots share hose spigots, a shed has some tools available.
  • No pesticides, no weeds running amuk, warnings will be issued
  • Organic fertilizer only
  • No straw or hay, can use cardboard for weed prevention
  • No mint or raspberry plants
Because this is the first year they've offered year-round plots, we are responsible for tilling.
She said that one of the gardeners will do tilling - for a price. (looking into this)

The plots are full-sun and heavy clay soil, that needs nitrogen. Lots of talk about adding lime to the soil, I've never tried this.

Mulch with compost, shredded paper, etc. around roots.  She suggested we keep a compost pile on the plot. (after seeing the other plots, I think we should set aside some room to leave some tools, etc.)

Master gardener's are supposed to be offering a class to beginners and one on late-summer planting (geared towards a year-round plot). (I've e-mailed her about this too).

Mother's Day is the annual plant sale for the Master Gardner program. 

No yams, not long enough hot season here.  Try a mound rather than trench for potatoes, in June.


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