Monday, March 26, 2012

Monday Night Mix

Time to show off some of the great things I've found on Pinterest recently. To see all of my pins go to the bottom right of the page and click on the red Pinterest button.

From Pinterest, Uploaded by user
I picked this photo as an idea for mom's yard, she loves nasturtiums and succulents and until I saw this photo I wouldn't have thought to mix the together.

From Pinterest, Uploaded by User
Again, I'm not a big succulent fan, but I've got bricks and some hen and chicks so I've decided to try this idea this year.

Clematis urophylla, from Pinterest,
I found an old gate to use as a trellis on our fence.  I've been thinking clematis should go there since it's a partially sunny spot.  I've never seen this variety before (and am not sure if it even grows here), but this is awesome and would make up for the disappointment of the evergreen vines.

Cup and saucer vine from Pinterest,
Since I'm showing the clematis, I'll include this cup and saucer vine. I've always loved this flower, but again am not sure if it grows here. This photo was pinned by Teresa O'Conner at  

Quirky wood gate, from Pinterest,
I love this gate, but I now see that is probably because it resembles my own gate turned trellis.

Spider Web Gate, from Pinterest, Chet3 at Flickr
I love this gate too, definitely does not resemble anything in my yard (yet.)


  1. Hi Val: What a lot of great photos. Isn't Pinterest great?

    Thanks so much for sharing the cup and saucer vine from That's one of the plants that the crew at Growing A Greener World PBS-TV program told me was a "must-have." If you'd like, you can see the other favorite plants they named here -
    Regards and happy gardening, Teresa

    1. Thanks for sharing this link, Teresa.
      You have a great website, both attractive and informative.