Sunday, February 12, 2012

Adding a Garden Gate

A simple gate
Thursday on our trip to Monticello Antique Marketplace I found a trellis for the back yard. It is an old gate from a fence with splintered brown paint. Last night my boyfriend and I went to the store and bought 2 metal fence posts to use as support. 

Today, since it wasn't raining, we put it all together and moved a container from the upper deck. This container is a brown plastic trough that I thought would look nice with the trellis and it's deep enough for a gallon sized plant.

Before photo
This is a shot of the back yard.  The fencing is all white vinyl and I don't want to attach a lot of things to it, especially if I plan to take something with me. The yard slopes down at this end, but a trellis will be visible from the lower deck.

Rather than attaching the gate trellis to the fence we decided to attach posts and stake it into the ground.

Attaching the metal fence posts to the gate

We measured the height of the planter and  marked where we wanted the posts attached to the gate.  I chose to have the "back" side facing out.  It has a little more detail and would give vines something more to grab on to.


Once the posts were screwed into the gate, we set it about an inch from the fence and hammered the posts until it was level. We set the container below and hammered the posts until the gate was just above the planter.

It looks attached to the fence, but it's secure for planting, and will be easy to remove later. 

We are both pleased with the result.  It will look great with flowering vines climbing up.  Now I've just got to pick one.  This spot gets part shade and I'm thinking of planting a clematis. I'd like two plants, so maybe a mix of some sort. 

The reason for using the container is that I've discovered so much construction debris and have had a couple of plants die either from the soil or perhaps the mole who came to visit last winter.


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