Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Something New to Try

I saw the greatest photo on Pinterest using lettuce in a fruit basket and I definitely want to try this out. This would be a great way to add some other vegies and herbs to one basket. This will look nice and I like that there are layers in various sizes so that you can grow more of some things and less of others.
Herb garden from Pinterest

One of the features about Pinterest is that you can see where the image was found, usually.  In this case the picture is listed as being found "From Google.com." But if you actually click on the image it takes you to Google images, listing the website for this image as telegraph.co.uk.  Follow that link and you find a gardening advice  newspaper article in The Telegraph, titled "Thorny Problems" by Helen Yemm. 

Sometimes images have been repinned too often or were not credited when added, but you can usually follow the trail to the original source. This basket is included on my container board, just click on the Pinterest button below.

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