Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Kabrina's spot

Kabrina on the upper deck
I should introduce my cat, Kabrina as well as her favorite outdoor spot, the upper deck.  When we moved to this 3-story townhouse Kabrina basically hid in the bedroom for months.  Our previous house was a single-story and she was an indoor cat only.  But here we have a deck on the 2nd floor and another with a tiny yard on the 1st floor.

 When Kabrina finally dared to go out on the upper deck she relaxed, realizing she loved to be outside.  Plus, she can be outside without my having to worry about her.  

Since then she likes to hang out with us, watch birds, roll around, supervise me, and eat cucumber leaves.

Blue Morning Glory
That photo also shows the upper deck as of spring of last year.  Lots of beige and gray with very limited space. Thus, my new interest in vertical gardening.  This area later became much more colorful with a container and topiary planted with some morning glory seeds.  These vines eventually climbed right up the downspout. 

Earlier, I mentioned that my showiest flowers were simple old-fashioned flowers like these morning glories.  While I started these from seed, the others (nasturtium and sweet pea) I bought as starts to use in my window box planters.  

The upper deck has two 1/2 walls that could use a trellis or an espalliered plant. One gets sun and the other shade so I have some options. The wall shown above separates us from our neighbors' deck.  I'm considering building a taller screen that is decorative, but useful as a planter. I've seen some creative ideas online, but that's still one for the drawing board. 

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