Monday, May 26, 2014

A Month of Possiblities

The world’s favorite season is the spring.
All things seem possible in May.
Edwin Way Teale

Funny how in a matter of months everything that I was used to blogging about, taking photos of, and liking on Facebook got rearranged. My dad had a health scare in April that put the brakes on my blogging. He's home now and doing ok, but my habit of blogging got put on hold, almost indefinitely. I'm still reconsidering how I want to blog, considering possibilities. In addition, I'm working more, I've got more drafting work and thus not as much free time as before. 

Somehow the way I upload photos to my computer has changed. I used to upload them directly from my phone, but each computer in our house lost the ability to do this. I now have to e-mail photos to myself or figure out how this new photo stream can work to my advantage. I don't know a convenient way to save or sort photos now. Suggestions welcome.

After a month of few photos and fewer blog posts, I found May to be a month to go to nurseries and gardens (and Monticello) and not feel compelled to photograph every thing, at least not in the way I had been. One Saturday early in the month, I got to go to a nursery open house with two of my favorite plant people. Hana and Chris are both Landscape Architects and were there to get visuals of the plants offered by All Season Plants.

Hana took about 140 photos 

we finally found the name for a tree we really like 

'shopping' in a nursery with a camera was fun

these brought back memories of my niece picking all the blooms
from the moss plants while I pulled the wagon through a nursery.

While I started the month with the trip to All Season Plants,  yesterday I finally made it to the Home and Garden show at Monticello Antique Marketplace. I love that place and mention it because this show ends on June 15. It's fun to see the displays and find unique items (like the stubby tree branch pencils we got for the wedding). They have a full cafe too, Monti's makes a great place to get coffee or lunch while shopping.

Gratitude, my word of the year. 
I still struggle with choosing this word, which sounds lame, but that's me.

Today I am grateful for:
the people who showed an interest in my blog, friends, family, and strangers.
Work: drafting, landscape, and plant related work that is coming my way.
Starbucks now serving coconut milk = chai lattes (any latte) now an option
the 'bling' of my newly cleaned ring
and for my fiance, he's "a keeper "
(and for the people who actually tell me this.)

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