Tuesday, February 4, 2014

This Is the Place

This the room where we will get married next fall.   

My last two posts included garden photos from our recent visit to a potential wedding site. Do not fear, I am not turning this into my wedding blog. But, there's not a lot happening in my yard right now and this place is interesting. Maybe it was the plants and garden there, maybe it's the cool room we first saw online, but we've decided that this is the place. We are waiting to let people know the location when we send out invitations. But, there are a few clues here on my blog.

I have to say that looking for a wedding site was starting to feel like a chore. We want something simple, nothing fancy, and I thought that there would be a place that we would find easily. On our first visit to this site we both liked it, later I poo pooed it (for practical reasons). When we came back to tour the rooms, I had to admit that I really liked the room and the grounds, and I think it suits us. 

At the entrance of the main building is a huge vine,
 my guess, Wisteria.

Don't know this shrub/tree,
but how awesome - tassles and evergreen foliage in January

Climbing Hydrangea all the way to the roof, 
I've just started one on our fence.

This place has some history, a pub, vineyards, a hotel and a spa. It also has quirky gardens that immediately caught my eye. One thing I realized while taking these photos is that my plant id does not measure up here. While I don't recognize all the plants, I still like taking photos of them.

Fatsia with buds

Witch Hazel at the back entrance

As I said before, we had never been here (together). It was fun to find and explore a new place. To come here in the middle of winter and be wowed by the variety of plants and the uniqueness of the grounds means a lot to me.

My word for the year is Gratitude.

Today I'm grateful for:
snow that doesn't stick
iced coffee at home
a Craigslist deal done the easy way
pots of crocus about to bloom

Feel free to leave a comment on what you feel grateful for today

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  1. Hana provided the plant id for the tassled plant shown above:
    Garrya elliptica, it's evergreen and it's native.