Sunday, October 6, 2013

Farmer's Market on a Fall Sunday

We had almost record rainfall here for a couple of weeks, putting an end to any growth at the garden. Then we got a respite, sunny, mild weather, that gorgeous light to enjoy all of the new fall color. Problem was everyone in my house got sick last week. Something is going around and we all got it in different ways. I ended up with a sinus/ear problem that lasted for days.

Yesterday I was beginning to feel good again, but needed to go to the garden to start cleaning up while the weather was still dry. Plus, I had to go back for my pumpkins. So we put off going to the Farmers' Market until today. Going back to the garden was rather anti-climactic, we pulled up the hoses and retrieved my three prized pumpkins.

This morning we drove downtown and started roaming around the market in weather warm enough for shorts. Within the first 5 minutes I spotted the pumpkin of my dreams, but decided to wait and go back for it. (When we came back a young woman had her hand on it, luckily just posing for a photo.)

There were fewer stands than earlier in the summer, the crepe makers who had gluten free crepes were not there. This was too bad as I was counting on that for brunch. We opted for lunch and had fajitas made with chicken and shrimp and a lot of fresh veggies.

Since the garden is done, we bought corn on the cob, zucchini, and kale. While looking around I kept seeing really beautiful floral bouquets. I managed to resist them last summer, but now these dahlias in deep colors mixed with sunflowers were too pretty to pass up. I had just picked the one I liked when a woman swept down and took it. 

Rather than admit defeat, I decided we should unload, since we were carrying my pumpkin and the sack of veggies, and go back for a better bouquet. Chris is a good sport, we came back from the car and I looked at every single flower stand, ending up right next to the fajita stand. There it was, the perfect bouquet, minus the sunflowers. But this bouquet had twice the flowers than the other for the same price. I felt triumphant in my choice.

The better bouquet now sits on the mantel and my home grown pumpkins are grouped with my prize farmer market 'pumpkin' just outside the sliding door.

Cucurbita maxima 'Brodé d'Galeux Eysines'

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