Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Bulb Pots vs. Squirrels

In my last post I mentioned that my Mom and I potted several ceramic pots and filled them with spring bulbs. We set them out on her back deck, and much later it occurred to me that the squirrels might be a problem.

I asked for ideas for protecting the pots, but didn't hear any. I soon forgot about it, until today.

Today I was at Mom's and we went out back and this is what I found:

The squirrels had indeed been a problem, already digging in the pots.
So Mom looked for a way to protect the bulbs while still allowing rain water. She saw the barbecue grates still on the deck from last summer. 

And here you have an excellent repurposing idea, 
using the barbecue grates to cover the pots as squirrel deterrent.

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